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Melymar is a leading seller of luxurious quality Sterling Silver and high grade Larimar jewelry. Our jewelry is truly inspired by the sea. Feel free to scroll down and select one of the categories below to start shopping for your unique piece of Larimar jewelry. Larimar jewelry is known for it’s calming and tranquil qualities. The Larimar gemstone is forged from fire and volcanic activity yet it’s calming blues and white streaks resemble the Caribbean sea floor. Collect your favorite pieces of Larimar jewelry or send a gift of peace and tranquility to a loved one today.

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What is Larimar Jewelry?

Larimar is an indigenous gemstone located in the southwestern portion of the Dominican Republic, in the island of Hispaniola, located in the Caribbean. This rare sky blue pectolite has amassed widespread world popularity since its re-discovering in 1974.

Its coloration varies from white, light-blue, green-blue to deep blue
Larimar comes for the combination of two words. The first part “Lari” comes from the daughter’s name of the man that re-discovered the stone in Barahona, and the second part “mar”, which means “sea” in Spanish. Larimar is set mainly on Silver to make our beautiful Melymar jewelry.

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