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We are Melymar – Your one stop for fine Larimar jewelry

Melymar is a Brand name of high quality Sterling Silver combined with high grade Larimar Gemstone creating a magnificent style of Larimar jewelry. Melymar is designed, produced and distributed by our parent company, MJM International, Inc. which was founded in 2006 in the south Florida city of Boca Raton by Ruben & Judith Katz.

In 2008 their eldest son Matthew joined the company, creating an online shopping experience of the brand.
In 2011 their youngest daughter Melanie joined MJM, bringing with her expertise from the fashion and design of jewelry making.

In 2012 MJM moved from suburbia Boca Raton to a bustling of international commerce city of Miami. Located in downtown Miami, the Seybold Building is the heart of the jewelry district of not just south Florida but the whole state. In 2014 we have expanded our office and showroom.

What is Larimar Jewelry?

Larimar is an indigenous gemstone located in the southwestern portion of the Dominican Republic, in the island of Hispaniola, located in the Caribbean. This rare sky blue pectolite has amassed widespread world popularity since its re-discovering in 1974.

Larimar comes for the combination of two words. The first part “Lari” comes from the daughter’s name of the man that re-discovered the stone in Barahona, and the second part “mar”, which means “sea” in Spanish. Its coloration varies from white, light-blue, green-blue to deep blue.
Larimar is set mainly on Silver to make our beautiful Melymar jewelry.

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